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Voter Engagement  Toolkits

Census Project Toolkit

The Toolkit outlines local strategies that you can use at the community level

Rock the Vote’s Online Voter Registration (OVR) platform provides a simple solution for modern voter registration. Since its inception, the platform has registered over six million new voters. The platform is mobile-friendly, available in 13 languages, and approved by the Presidential Commission for Election Administration. Most importantly, it’s available to partners for free!


The NAACP Legal Department and Southern Coalition for Social Justice provide you state-by-state voter guides with the necessary identification requirements and sources for more voter information in your state.

Voting Rights Toolkit for Civic Organizations

The Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the National Action Network, and the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation have come together to deepen efforts to protect the right to vote. This toolkit provides background information, resources, and a guide about how civic organizations can help protect voting rights.

Student Voting Guide 2016

No matter your political viewpoint, it is always important to vote, and that is certainly true in 2016, with major elections at all levels. The Guide offers information relevant to young people who may be voting for the first time – or any voter trying to make it to the polls.

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North Carolina Voter Guides

The following voter guides are provided by Democracy North Carolina, an independent, nonpartisan non-profit organization, in coordination with Common Cause NC and NAACP of North Carolina. Questions about voting? Call our hotline at 1-888-OUR-VOTE.


Fall 2016 Early Voting Guide for New Orleans, La. Voters will have the opportunity to find early voting sites and contact information for election protection and the secretary of states office for additional  support. 

Also included in the guide is an infographic and plain languid Ballot Amendment sample. It is our hope that this will allow residents and voters to demystify complex ballot measures. 

VTP Toolkit

Election administrators face many challenges planning for and running elections. This website offers tools based on the expertise of election administrators, business managers, and social science researchers that can help election administrators plan and conduct elections.

Online Toolkits

Check our our collection of election engagement sites with registration and voter information, maps, widgets, webinars &  more!

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