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Felon Voting Laws

The voting rights of people who are currently incarcerated - as well as those living in our communities but still under probation or parole - are severally limited in the United States. Historically and today, several of the states with the most severe restrictions on the vote for returning citizens people are in the the South. The SOLVE coalition supports full access to the ballot for all US American citizens of voting age, regardless of criminal status or history. Coalition members in Southern states from Florida to Louisiana to Virginia are working towards the restoration of rights for returning citizens and have already achieved some important victories. 

Language Access

Language minorities often face multiple and significant barriers to voting, a reality that is exacerbated by the frequent lack of assistance for these voters at the polls. It is critical to ensure that all election materials - from registration forms and the ballot to signage at the polls - be translated into any language spoken by non-native English speaking communities in any given precinct.