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Automatic Voter Registration

Despite the 1993 National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), too many U.S. Americans are not registered to vote. Automatic Voter Registration is a powerful answer to this challenge, allowing for the automatic registration of every eligible U.S. American when they interact with the DMV or some other government agency. In states that have already passed AVR, registration rates are significantly higher than they were before the policy was implemented, the cost of voter registration has decreased substantively, and voter rolls are more accurate and secure. SOLVE supports AVR as a smart way to ensure the promise of the NVRA and to enfranchise millions of new Americans, especially historically enfranchised communities. Legislators in nearly every single Southern state have introduced legislation to pass AVR, and advocates are pursuing creative strategies for implementing the policy.

Online Voter Registration

Online Voter Registration (OVR) makes it registration more convenient for voters, saves money for states, and leads to voter rolls that are more accurate and secure. In the more than two thirds of states that have passed and implemented OVR, voters can register, verify, and update their registration records all online, leading to a more streamlined experience for both voters and the state and encouraging civic participation among new voters, especially young people. Online Voter Registration exists in six of the nine SOLVE states, thanks in part to advocacy and organizing efforts of SOLVE Coalition members. In the remaining three where OVR does not yet exist, SOLVE members are working for its passage legislatively or administratively.

Same Day Registration

Same Day Registration (SDR) is one of the most powerful tools for enfranchising and protecting voters. SDR facilitates voting among voters who move frequently, creates a safety net for voters who may have been inadvertently removed from the rolls, and provides a convenient last minute registration opportunity for all voters. In North Carolina, the one Southern state that allows it, SDR is utilized by Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike, as well as by every single age group and by several racial and ethnic groups across the state. SOLVE members across the South support SDR as an important enfranchisement tool and one that especially supports voting among young people, communities of color, and others who face barriers to the ballot box.