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The Southern Leadership for Voter Engagement (SOLVE) is a multi-state network formed in 2013, to collaborate and share best practices in multidisciplinary advocacy, sound grassroots mobilization, and legislative and legal strategies to ensure fair and equitable voting practices. We address policies that have weakened the voting strength of many communities and formed obstacles and hurdles in exercising the right to vote. 


About Us 

SC Progressive Network
The South Carolina Progressive Network is a coalition of organizations and individual activists from across the state who have joined forces to promote social and economic justice in the Palmetto State. Now celebrating 20 years of organizing, the Network was created in 1995 as a tool to engage South Carolinians in their communities and in their government. At its core, the Network is about connecting people to each other and to resources designed to leverage the work of progressive organizations
The Peoples' Agenda
Our mission is best served by an informed an concerned electorate. To this end, we have put into place a Citizenship Educaiton program with students and adults alike. This program is designed to empower the overall electorate and is made available to anyone desireous of making a positive difference for our future.
Virginia Civic Engagement Table
ProGeorgia is Georgia’s non-profit civic engagement table. It is a new way to create a state we can be proud of. We strive to become a state that takes care of its citizens and our beautiful natural resources.

ProGeorgia brings together the power of existing non-profit groups to work in a more strategic way, with new tools and technology, to change the policies of our state. ProGeorgia is building infrastructure by supporting, connecting, and coordinating civic participation efforts...
CensusChannel LLC specializes in geodemographic research, analysis, and training. For over 20 years the company’s founder, Anthony “Tony” Fairfax, has provided consulting services that extended to a variety of state, regional, and national organizations serving both the public and private sectors.
Florida Institute for Reform and Empowerment
Southern Echo
Southern Echo is a leadership development, education and training organization working to develop effective accountable grassroots leadership in the African-American communities in rural Mississippi and the surrounding region through comprehensive training and technical assistance programs.
Blueprint NC
Blueprint is a network of 43 non-profit, non-partisan organizations working together across issues and racial lines to advance equity and social justice in North Carolina.

Blueprint provides opportunities for training, resource sharing and convening for partner organizations that use civic engagement and education to advocate for a healthy democracy that works to remove barriers and to provide the resources communities need to achieve opportunity, security and well-being.
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